Skydive for Charity

Jump For A Cause is New Zealand’s crowd-funding platform where you can skydive for charity! There’s no doubt that it feels good to do good. Whether it’s helping out your neighbour with their garden, lending a hand to your local op shop, or even helping some ducklings cross the road, there’s something about giving back to those in need that just gives you the good vibes. Something else that gives good vibes? Skydiving! Leaping out of a plane with your tandem master, plummeting 200kph towards the ground, and then landing safely and soundly gives you such an incredible rush… We’ve teamed the two things together – giving back to those in need + skydiving – to bring you our new project: Jump For A Cause! It’s simple. Choose your charity, raise the minimum target required, and not only will your chosen charity benefit from the money you raise, but you’ll also get to claim an awesome experience with Taupo Tandem Skydiving!

Upcoming Charity Skydives


Only -

Saturday 27 May


Cancer Society

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Saturday 27th May



With Danny Overeem as my instructor, an awesome experience on a beautiful clear day over Lake Taupo. Went for the 15000 ft "Legend" package, money well spent. If I ever get back in this area I’ll be doing this again!

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