An adrenaline rush like no other!

See for yourself why skydiving is the ultimate bucket-list activity! Jump with Taupo Tandem Skydiving and know you are skydiving with the best in New Zealand. We have the best priced skydive in New Zealand, with jump heights from 9,000 ft, 12,000 ft, 15,000 ft or 16,500 ft. Choose your height, get ready to jump, and experience the surreal feeling of freefalling!

We are New Zealand’s original tandem drop zone, and since opening in 1992, we have skydived over 200,000 people!

Skydiving isn’t something you do every day (unless you’re one of our tandem masters!), so we make sure that you have the best experience possible. We pride ourselves on having exceptional customer service so that you feel safe, secure and relaxed before having the most fun of your life! We are proud to be the #1 Rated Skydive in NZ on TripAdvisor, as well as the #1 Rated Outdoor Activity in Taupo. Pretty impressive, right?

When you arrive at our dropzone, you will check in and get a briefing on our different jump heights, camera options and safety procedures. One of our friendly crew will get you suited up and ready for your skydive, and then you will get to meet your tandem master! You will have a moment to get to know one another before he walks you to the plane and straps himself onto you like a giant human backpack. Now you’re ready for take-off!

You’ll get a beautiful 15-20 minute scenic flight up to altitude. No matter what skydiving height you choose, your adrenaline will be pumping by now! Once you have reached altitude, the plane door will open and your tandem master will shuffle you towards the edge of the door. Take a deep breath because in 3,2,1…he will throw you both out of the plane and into the fresh air where you will experience a rush like no other – free fall. From 15,000 ft you will have approximately 60 seconds of free fall where you can take the chance to soak up every moment of the views, the rush, and the adrenaline rush going through your body! After your free fall, your tandem master will pull the cord to release your parachute. Now you get to relax and enjoy the gentle ride back down to the ground. Take a breath, enjoy the views, you made it!

Capture the entire experience with one of our epic HD camera options. We have the largest range of camera options in New Zealand including a 360-degree camera option so you really won’t miss a moment. Available via digital download, you can share with your family or upload it social media for ultimate bragging rights. After all, you did just complete an EPIC skydive over Lake Taupo!

Our Prices

Experience the incredible thrill of skydiving with TTS, New Zealand's Top Rated Skydive!

9,000 Ft Skydive

From $ 279

NZ's Best Priced Skydive!


12,000 Ft Skydive

From $ 329

Feel the thrill with up to 40 seconds of free fall!


15,000 Ft Skydive

From $ 379

Soak up the adrenaline with up to 60 seconds of free fall!


16,500 ft skydive

From $ 529

Go High or Go Home! Up to 70 seconds of free fall! You’ll feel #OnTopOfTheWorld!


Learn to Skydive Solo

From $ 299

Get you started towards your very FIRST skydive licence!



With Danny Overeem as my instructor, an awesome experience on a beautiful clear day over Lake Taupo. Went for the 15000 ft "Legend"...

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