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Words feel short when you try to describe how jumping from a perfectly good plane that’s thousands of feet up in the sky feels like. As someone said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures (we may have added that last bit). It is extremely difficult to describe your skydiving experience through words. The adrenaline, the thrill, the sound of your heart racing…it’s just something else. Don’t worry though, because our awesome photo and video packages can help you preserve this experience forever!

Capture one of the most incredible adventures of your life and make it immortal with our photo and video packages. At Taupo Tandem Skydiving, we have the widest range of camera options available to capture your entire skydiving experience.

Choose from our Selfie cam or Freefall cam options! All of our camera packages are available to download digitally so you can upload those epic moments on all your social channels and be the envy of all your mates. Our camera options range from as low as $25 up to $300 so there is something for everybody.

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What’s the difference between Selfie and Freefall?

Not sure what to choose? Check out this side-by-side footage of Selfie and Freefall cam in action!


With this camera style, the tandem master wears cameras on his wrist and captures your entire skydive experience including the moment on the ground pre and post skydive, the plane ride up, the freefall, and the parachute ride back to the ground. This style is very close-up, and captures all of your audio too!

Available in photo and video format.


This style truly showcases the scenery and action moment…the freefall! It includes footage of the moments on the ground pre and post skydive, the plane ride up, and the freefall. With Freefall style, a separate camera flyer jumps with you and your tandem master which makes the experience even more awesome. You can interact with them in the air and even give them a cheeky high 5 if you get close enough!
Please note this style doesn’t include your audio (however there will be music during the video).

Available in photo and video format.


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    Fantastic experience, very professional, great photos and free buff and t-shirt was a lovely bonus! I jumped with Ian and he was great, really friendly and...

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