The Second Jump Deal!

Keep the skydive experience going with a great discount on your next adrenaline rush!

Skydiving once ticks it off the bucket list. But if you’re already planning your next jump only moments after returning to the tarmac, then you’re officially hooked! Welcome to the club. And we’ve got a discount to make your second skydiving adventure even sweeter. 

Get $50 off your next jump! Take a dive from 12,000ft, 15,000ft or 16,500 ft with us here at Taupō Tandem and your next dive will be eligible for the discount! 

Or to mix up the scenery and the experience, you can opt to do your second jump with our friends at Skydive Bay of Islands! Viewing the stunning islands stretched before you from either 12,000ft, 16,000ft and 18,000ft will keep things interesting! 

Quick facts about The Second Jump Deal: 

– For direct bookings with Taupō Tandem or Skydive Bay of Islands only. 

 – Skydive for the second time at either Taupō Tandem or Skydive Bay of Islands. 

– You can pick a different height, or stick to what you know! 

– This special offer is available to anyone who has jumped with either Taupō Tandem or Skydive Bay of Islands within the last 12 months. 

– The 9,000ft option is excluded from this deal. 

Book your first and second jumps in today to make this next Kiwi summer a wicked one! 

Get $50 off your Second Jump



If you’re going to throw yourself out of a plane anywhere make sure you do it in Taupo and do it with TTS!!!

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