Amazing with great staff to help with nerves. Loads of packages on off to suit everyone. Definitely worth every dollar. ...

Will, United Kingdomvia rankers.co.nz

I had an amazing and thrilling experience jumping with Taupo Tandem Skydive.The team was friendly and professional.My instructor and tandem master was Hamish, who is a wonderful person, he made me feel comfortable.The view is beautiful from 15000 ft. A must do exp!!!
Parul K Brisbane, Australia
Andy my instructor was bloody awesome, he kept saying things like, enjoy the experience, take in all the views, don't look down, look all around.Things to put you at ease, It was awesome and again Andy was bloody awesome. The whole team was awesome from when we booked to when we left.
rufusbulldog, Wellington, NZ
My first jump wouldn't have been as amazing as it was if it wasn't for Taupo Tandem Skydiving! I jumped with Ian and he was absolutely awesome!! He made it a perfect experience!!! I wanted to jump again right as I landed so I will fly to NZ again just to jump with these guys!! Thank you TTS!!
kelsogirl, California
Taupo is the cheapest place in NZ to do a skydive and TTS is definitely the place to do it. There's no doubt about it, the skydive itself is absolutely out of this world. Definitely go for the 15000ft as opposed to the 12000ft.
backpacker-couple11, United Kingdom
via tripadvisor.com
The experience of freefalling from the plane is incredible, and the freefall part happens very quickly, whilst the parachute part is more "leisurely" and gives more chance to admire the incredible view. At no point did I feel unsafe. In summary, don't worry and just do this - you won't regret it!
AtomicTraveller, United Kingdom
via tripadvisor.com
I was only there as a visitor watching my daughter's friend jumping, but I couldn't have been made more welcome, I had several of the staff come and keep me updated on progress of my friends jump. while watching her up in the air the lady with us with the radio was telling us what was happening. I was also invited to go and have a look at the video after. I was very impressed with the whole place and people there, even after they realised I was a local. Given the opportunity I will definitely be telling people to go there.
Jenny M, New Zealand
via tripadvisor.com
If you are going to jump out of a plane, might as well pay a little more and do 15,000 feet. It goes by so quickly I couldn't have imagined jumping from 12,000. Overall highly recommended!
via tripadvisor.com
Brilliant. Just brilliant. Racing towards the lake at over 200kph - cheeks flapping! Landing - earth never felt so good. Try it - you will never regret it.
JedChristchurch, New Zealand
via tripadvisor.com
There are no words to describe it, other than: It was probably the best experience of my whole life! It is absolutely amazing! The place is incredibly beautiful. The view of the whole fall is amazing, like the ultimate post card! The jump itself feels very safe. These guys definitely know what they are doing and they enjoy doing it too. The Tandem Skydive in Taupo has the best price in the whole of New Zealand and it probably the most beautiful one. The guy who I jumped with had 7 thousand jumps in his career! DO NOT MISS IT! It's an experience you will not forget for the rest of your life, I guarantee!
celsocg87, Brazil
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Very professional, seamless operation from instructions and safety information to quick production of freefall videos soon after landing. Your professional tandem diver keeps you relaxed throughout.
Steffany, Canada
via rankers.co.nz
Amazing Experience!! Very highly recommend Taupo Tandem Skydiving. Very polite staff and very professional.
Ryan, New Zealand
via rankers.co.nz
Amazing experience, awesome operation and great staff!! Keep up the awesome work!
Dally, New Zealand
via rankers.co.nz
Nearly a week later and I'm still buzzing - absolutely amazing experience!! Darcy was an awesome tandem master, really put me at ease (as much as you could be, prior to hurling yourself out of a plane 3 miles up!!) I can't wait to do it again, seriously...I really, really want to have another go. Thanks to all for making the experience so amazing - you guys rock!
Carol, New Zealand
via rankers.co.nz
F#?@ing awesome!!! Staff were friendly and informative. They didn't leave any questions to be asked! Very safe and professional - PLUS they take you to 15k ft!
Lisa, Canada
via rankers.co.nz
Amazing with great staff to help with nerves. Loads of packages on off to suit everyone. Definitely worth every dollar.
Will, United Kingdom
via rankers.co.nz
One of the greatest experiences! The people of Taupo tandem skydiving are very friendly and inform you well. Tip: take a cameraman with your skydive so you can re-live it over and over.
Martÿn, Netherlands
via rankers.co.nz
These guys are the business and you'd be mad to go anywhere else. Great communications beforehand (skydiving is so touch and go with the weather), smiling faces, great facility. My daughter jumped too and she is only 11 and hearing impaired, so I needed to be able to have full faith in TTS. Brad was brilliant and made the whole experience amazing for her and reassuring for me. She now has the bug!
Jacksinhawkesbay, New Zealand
via tripadvisor.com
Well I'm alive.... So that's a big plus! These guys are great, i had an amazing experience that i will never forget thanks to all the awesome photos which they took! A great price too. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking for a place to skydive in NZ. Taupo is beautiful
benjamin335, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
via tripadvisor.com
I made my husband wait to do this activity until our three sons were grown - but had I known of Taupo Tandem Skydiving I'd have let him do it sooner!! They look after everybody here - even the nervous-nelly non-jumping spouse. I've been a US Travel Agent for 32 years and was very impressed with the whole outfit, from the focus on safety to the gentle comic-relief humor. A special "shout out" to Jenna, who walked us through the entire process with such kindness and grace. If you've been waiting - DON'T!!!!!!! And consider the upgrade to include a videographer - we love showing the experience to friends at home.
Wanderlove, USA
via tripadvisor.com
"Hey guys.thanks for the most amazing 60 seconds of my life yesterday.still can't put into words the feeling of falling from 15000 feet.awesome!I've left you a sweet review on tripadviser.com.cheers guys! Mikey is the man! PEACE!"
Kolin Humphries
via Facebook.com
I loved my two experiences sky diving with Taupo Tandem Skydiving. All of the equipment and plane were high quality, comfortable and made me feel safe. Furthermore, the certified sky divers that you dive with are very fun, friendly, and yet professional. I did the 15000 ft sky dive which was tons of fun but also very scenic.
smrussell3, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
via tripadvisor.com
“The best thing you can do with your clothes on.” I have been and done some great things all around the world. Who would have guessed one of the best things would only be a couple of hours from home. I foolishly agreed with a friend that I would accompany her on a skydive for her 50th birthday. Walking in I was very scared and not sure if I could go thru with the jump, but the professionalism from the minute you walk into the office till the second you jump out the plane is top notch and made me a lot more at ease with the whole thing. In the end jumping out was easy. I am sure skydiving anywhere in the world is amazing, but the scenery around Taupo makes it even more so. Every thing was so well organised, my Tandem Master Patrik was brilliant and the video footage I have is magnificent. I would say this is a once in a lifetime experience, but it is better than that, once you have done it once you will want to do it again, I do. Do not go thru Taupo without going here. Thank you so much to Patrik and the team at Taupo Tandem Skydiving
via tripadvisor.com, Feilding, New Zealand
When you are offering such a cool activity as skydiving (and on such a beautiful location) it is almost 'normal' that everybody is commonly positive about it. However the service and enthusiasm of the entire team at TTS (from front desk to tandem masters) makes your experience even better!
Perry B
via tripadvisor.com, The Netherlands