Air Extreme 3

Air Extreme 3

This package adds even more extreme to your Air² package!

Complete a 47m bungy jump at Taupo Bungy and a 15,000ft skydive with Taupo Tandem Skydive, PLUS  experience the extreme Taupo Cliffhanger!

Taupo Cliffhanger is situated at the Taupo Bungy site and lets you swing with nature from a 44-metre platform, high above the beautiful Waikato River. Experience the thrill of freefall before the ropes catch you and swing up the other side. As you slow, catch your breath as you take in the view and enjoy the ride back to the platform.

During the months of December – April, you can choose to try a magical Parasail ride instead of the Taupo Cliffhanger. Fly up to 800 ft with an optional freefall, where they stop the boat and let you descend down to the water’s edge before you are whisked back up into the sky. Make the most of Lake Taupo this summer and fly the big sky!

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By purchasing the Air³ package, you receive:

  • FREE transport to and from your accommodation and between activities within Taupo.
  • FREE Video of your Bungy Jump
  • FREE exit photo of your Skydive
  • And either a FREE Video of your Swing or a FREE SD Card of your Parasail (depending on which option you choose).

Air³ Package only $599

Save up to $179!

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