Selfie Cam

  Amazing experience, awesome operation and great staff!! Keep up the awesome work! ...

Dally, New Zealandvia

Get video footage and photos under the parachute!

The Selfie Cam is our most personalized option and offers unique style.  Selfie Cam footage is taken at close range by your tandem master, who will have a camera mounted onto his wrist.  We use separate cameras for video and photos to ensure your pictures are of the highest quality.  This means we do not take stills from your video but take the photos separately.  All footage is in HD! 360 video now available on request!

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The  Selfie Cam option covers the entire duration of your skydive experience, beginning with a one-on-one interview with your tandem master before boarding the plane.  You will receive footage from inside the plane, during freefall, underneath the canopy, and through to the landing.  The  Selfie Cam video features audio underneath the canopy, so when you watch your video you will be able to hear your first reaction after the parachute opens!