Freefall Camera

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Meganshawnhvia, Feilding, New Zealand

Includes your own personal cameraman!

With this option, a skydiving cameraman jumps alongside you to catch every angle of your freefall experience.  Our highly trained cameramen will interact with you in mid-air, even approaching you to shake your hand during freefall!  Your cameraman will adjust his position to capture the best close-ups as well as scenic shots taken from a distance.  The quality and variety of this footage is unbeatable!  Hi-def video option coming soon…

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Our cameramen are equipped with state of the art digital technology.  Your cameraman will have two separate cameras mounted onto his helmet, one to record video footage and another to take digital photos.  We guarantee at least 24 photos from your skydive, but most customers can expect between 45-60 quality shots.

After landing, your freefall video will be ready to watch in our viewing room.  A ground video is also included, which contains footage of your gear up, plane boarding, and landing.  This footage is edited together with your freefall footage for one continuous video.

We will have your photos and video ready to go before you leave the drop zone.  Receive your video and photos on separate discs or keep them all on one device with our new 8GB USB flash drives.  Upload your videos directly to YouTube from the USB – the files are format ready.

This camera option is ideal for a group of friends skydiving together. The freefall video is edited as a group video, so your friends’ freefall footage will also be featured on your video. We are the only skydiving company in Taupo to offer this unique group video.